Interior design, personal emergency response system helps seniors age peacefully at home

Bryan Aldrige

December 2, 2010

AARP research has revealed that 89 percent of older adults have a preference to live at home as they age, rather than move to a nursing home. However, houses can become dangerous for seniors and present obstacles that can cause falls or other injuries, according to The Daily Stamford.

To help these individuals age in place, interior designer Amy Eisenberg has started to specifically create spaces that are safe and easily used for seniors.

She works to solve a variety problems that older adults face while living independently, such as reforming hard-to-reach kitchen cabinets, steep stairs and narrow doorways.

"Every scenario is different, so I go into the home and evaluate what needs to be done. It could be something as simple as painting a bright line on a transition point, such as steps," she told the news provider. Some of the projects are more difficult, such as redoing a bathroom with grab rails and other safety measures.

Those who are interested in living at home during their golden years should also take precautions when it comes to potential falls. Installing a personal emergency response system in a residence can ensure that users have a way to send a medical alert to neighbors or family if they require assistance.

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