Identifying stress in caregivers

Jasmine Phu

October 8, 2010

This coming November is Alzheimer's awareness month and National Family Caregivers month and FOX News suggests that this might afford families an opportunity to recognize the burden that many caregivers may be under when caring for an aged parent or spouse.

A study conducted by Griswold Special Care has found that approximately 50 million people each year are in caregiver roles and this can be a difficult and stressful responsibility for many.

"Caregiver burden is a significant one, and we all want to take care of our loved ones. I think most men and women who have been married to each other for an extended period of time feel that this is part of their responsibility," Diane Walker, editor for Caring Times, told the news provider.

She added that many baby boomers are in the same position.

Caregivers who feel overwhelmed may exhibit signs of irritability, frustration, depression or anger, and any family member who observes one of these symptoms may want to offer assistance.

One way to alleviate some of the burden of these responsibilities is to install a medical alert system in the residence of the older adult. This can allow seniors to contact family or doctors in the case of an emergency, so caregivers may not be obligated to supervise them for days at a time.

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