Ideas for a belated Grandparent’s Day

Jasmine Phu

September 13, 2010

Sunday, September 12th marked the 40th annual Grandparent’s Day. If you weren’t able to acknowledge the occasion in time, there are still things that you can do to celebrate being a grandparent, according to

One of the activities that a tech-savvy grandparent can do is to contact children and grandchildren on Skype. This can be a fun way to get in touch, especially if loved ones are too far away to visit.

The weather is still warm in many parts of the country, so another idea is to go for a walk with grandchildren and inspect all the curiosities of nature. A hike can be a great opportunity to spend time with family, get exercise and teach grandchildren about the world.

A less physically demanding activity is to cook a meal with your grandchildren. Have them get ingredients for a fun-filled feast or make cookies and enlist their help in using the cookie dough.
Grandparents who live far away from loved ones for most of the year and want to age safely and independently at home may want to consider a medical alert system. These devices can allow you to easily get in touch with family, neighbors or doctors in the case of an emergency.