How to use our Promo Codes


January 16, 2013

From time to time, Bay Alarm Medical will offer promotional codes that will provide a special discount for our customers. These promo codes can be used while placing an order through the phone or on our website. The offers are only good for a limited time and may expire without notice.

To find out if Bay Alarm Medical is offering a promo code, start by visiting our promo code page. If there’s a promo code for that month, Grumpy Grandpa and family will proudly display it!


If you prefer ordering through our website, simply follow the instructions below. We’ll use our previous “winter13” promo code as an example.

Step 1: On the last page of the order form (step 5), find the coupon code field.


Step 2: Type in the promo in the coupon code box and click “Submit”.


That’s it! The promo code is now applied. You’ll notice that standard shipping is now Free.