How to tend to the hygiene of a parent with Alzheimer’s


January 5, 2011

Caregivers who have taken responsibility for parents with Alzheimer's often find themselves at a loss for what they should do and how much help a loved one may need during day-to-day activities, according to The Des Moines Register.

Hygiene may be one of the most uncomfortable areas when it comes to caring for a parent, but it is also one of the most important. The Des Moines Register states that there are certain ways that one can approach this problem and the first step is to assess how much aid a senior needs.

Those with Alzheimer's may need help understanding the bathing process or water temperature, and may also have mobility problems. After accommodating these requirements, a caregiver should ask the preferences of the patient. If a senior seems resistant to the idea of a bath or shower, it's better to try again later, according to the news source.

Giving concise instructions and setting up a regular routine can help an Alzheimer's patient get used to the process as well.

Caregivers who are tending to an older adult with dementia may also want to consider investing in an elderly art system. This device enables seniors to instantly send a medical alert to family members or doctors if they are in need of assistance.