How to stay youthful and energized in the golden years

Kevin Magna

October 15, 2010

Jeff Baietto, an expert on healthy habits, recently wrote on The Huffington Post that many baby boomers are upturning traditional expectations of aging and becoming baby zoomers, living healthy and active lifestyles far into their golden years.

Baietto suggests a few effective ways to get involved in your life and perhaps even extend your lifespan by five or seven years in the process.

One important step is to maintain intergenerational relationships, which can help boomers stay engaged with younger people and maybe help both child and adult learn something new.

It can also be crucial to have a cause that is bigger than yourself, according to Baietto. Volunteer work and community efforts can foster a sense of unity between a group of people, particularly if the project can make a difference for others.

Preventative healthcare is another aspect that can keep you fit and living life to the fullest. Boomers should stay one step ahead of any medical problem by eating right and exercising, and may also consider installing a personal emergency response system in their home.

This device can send an immediately medical alert to neighbors or doctors in the case of an unexpected health condition and can guarantee your safety for years to come.