How boomers will affect healthcare in hospitals

Kevin Magna

February 10, 2011

Many baby boomers are entering their golden years, and one of the biggest priorities of the Forever Young generation during their retirement years will be accessible healthcare. Unfortunately, CEO of Guidon Performance Solutions Ron Wince recently told Becker's Hospital Review that patient access will soon become an issue in many facilities.

He estimates that the number of Medicare beneficiaries will grow from 47 to 80 million by 2030, and many healthcare services will be overburdened as a result. "Baby boomers tend to migrate to warmer climates, so the burden on hospitals will not be shared equally. It's certainly still a national issue, but the impact will be felt most in certain local regions," he told the news provider.

There will also be many patients who are looking for ways to manage chronic conditions but avoid long hospital stays.

One alternative form of care is the installation a personal emergency response system in a home. This device can allow patients to live safely at home, because it enables them to instantly send a medical alert to doctors in case they require assistance.

Wince also suggests that hospitals are looking into these kinds of alternate care, with a focus on how one can deliver the services that can offer more holistic and coordinated solutions.

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