House moves forward to repeal healthcare bill


January 19, 2011

Following the Republican victory in the House, lawmakers are now trying to push for the repeal of the healthcare reform package that was passed last year, according to USA Today. While the GOP is expected to pass the legislation, most expect that it won't be able to clear the Senate.

"This is nothing more than partisan grandstanding at a time when we should be working together to create jobs and strengthen the middle class," Senate majority leader Harry Reid said of the repeal.

One of the biggest issues is the cost of the legislation – Republicans say that it will add $701 billion to the deficit, while Democrats argue that repealing the bill will cost $230 billion.

Many seniors may have felt the effects of the law already, as they are now entitled to free preventative exams at doctor's offices to ensure that they are healthy during their golden years.

Still, it's likely that most older adults want to remain as independent as possible and avoid lengthy hospital stays. Many may want to consider installing a personal emergency response system in their home. This can supplement the services provided by the healthcare bill, but also act as a way for seniors living alone to send a medical alert if they need to get in touch with doctors immediately.

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