How Does Your In-Home Medical Alert System Work?

Bay Alarm Medical

August 4, 2015

Hi, my name is Jessica and I am an employee here at Bay Alarm Medical.

We received a question from David in Tennessee and David asked,

“How does your medical alert system work?”

Well David, you get an in-home system that connects to your landline. *You’ll also get a personal button to wear as a necklace or on your wrist. We want you to wear the button at all times, even in the shower.

In the case of an emergency, press your personal button and a live operator will come over the system. They will then contact the people on your contact list or emergency services if necessary. If there is no response from you over the system, dispatch will call the house phone and if there is still no response, they will assume it is an emergency and send help over to you.

If there is no landline in the home, you can give us a call so we can check the coverage for you and get you set up with our cellular system.

If you are unable to press our button due to a medical condition, we do offer a fall detection system that we would be happy to tell you more about.

For more information about our systems and services, please give us a call at 1-877-522-9633.

Thank you, David!

Note: The system will come with 1 button, standard is a lanyard necklace but a wrist band can be swapped out if preferred.

Find out which button style customers prefer more: click here 

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How Does Your In-Home Medical Alert System Work?

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