Home healthcare solutions important for families


March 8, 2011

When it comes to caring for a senior who wants to live at home during the golden years, many families face a difficult task. One new study has suggested that it may be best to hire home healthcare aides who can help with the process.

In fact, home healthcare solutions appear to be a major, cost-saving alternative for the country as well – older adults who live at home have been found to save the country up to $25 billion each year.

Participants in the study had home healthcare assistants visit them anywhere from 35 to 87.9 hours a week. Those who received this kind of care were found to go to the physician less frequently and family caregivers reported that they themselves had better health.

This seems to indicate that other devices that supplement caregiving, such as a senior alert system, can be important ways to reduce the burden on families and keep an older adult safe.

Even non-medical home care solutions were found to reduce the number of visits to a doctor.

The study found that the need for these alternatives will grow rapidly over the coming years, as the senior population in the United States is expected to grow from 35 million in 2000 to 72 million in 2025.