Home healthcare agencies need immediate changes

Kevin Magna

August 23, 2010

Richard Hermann, a columnist writing for the Messenger Post, recently discussed the fact that he and his wife have been taking care of three elderly parents for 17 years. One of the biggest concerns he has now is the state of home healthcare services.

Hermann claims that this industry is currently a mess and it is “frequently peopled by untrained personnel who earn barely more than the minimum hourly wage.” The only way to rectify this problem is to reform home services through government aid, he said.

This could be a way to vastly cut unemployment while offering financial and emotional assistance to families who are in desperate need of it, and create a professional field of home healthcare. By raising the income made by many of these workers, as well as instating the certification standards of the Department of Health and Human Services, this task may be possible, according to Hermann.

Caretakers who are currently supervising older adults may be interested in using an elderly alert system, which will enable seniors to contact you if they face an emergency, even if you are out of the house. They can also use this system to get in touch with a hospital or doctor.

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