Help the planet and grandparents with these home renovations

Alan Wu

March 11, 2011

Many older adults have expressed a desire to live at home as they age. Finding ways to allow seniors to age in place can not only be a preferable solution, it may also be a greener one, according to

The first area to focus on is adding measures to allow an older adult to maintain mobility. Seniors can often have difficulty raising and lowering themselves into seats or beds, so one should think about adding grab rails to a residence wherever they are appropriate. The news source suggests installing these additions in hallways, bathrooms or bedrooms.

If seniors are having trouble moving up and down the stairs at home, there are two options. While one is completely redoing a home to include a stairlift, experts suggest that a more affordable solution is to move the bedroom to the ground floor. Be sure to remove any steps or raised entries that lead to the sleeping space.

Installing an elderly alert system could also be a wise idea. This device allows one to instantly send a medical alert to caregivers or doctors if there is an emergency, so older adults can stay safe as they age independently.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that one in three Americans over the age of 65 fall each year.