Halloween fall leaves senior badly injured

Bryan Aldrige

November 3, 2011

Seniors must take precautions to avoid dangerous fallsHalloween was truly scary for 66-year-old Darlene Finch of St. Thomas, Canada, as she took a nasty fall outside of her home when her walker got caught in a rut, The St. Thomas Times-Journal reports.

The fall landed Finch in the hospital with two black eyes, six stitches on her face, a broken nose and a separated shoulder. She is blaming the city for the incident, as she fell on a gravelly, un-paved patch of sidewalk.

"They [the city staff] should have had it paved….It wasn't done professionally as far as I was concerned," Finch told the publication. "If it hadn't have been for a man and his son driving down the street, I'd have never got the help I needed."

Finch added that she won't be pursing reimbursement for her medical bills from the city, though she is hoping her fall will prompt the city to fix the troubled areas so no one else has to suffer the way she has.

"I just don't want to see this happening to anyone else," she said. "There's nothing preventing them from falling if the sidewalks are not leveled properly and maintained properly."

Although there are added risks of falling outside of one's home, a lot of seniors also fall in their homes, many times with no one to hear their calls for help. To avoid this, seniors may want to install a medical alert system into their houses. This device can give people the security of being able to call for help in any situation.