Grandmothers can stay safe with a personal emergency response system


November 22, 2010

Becoming a grandmother can be one of the most rewarding experiences of the golden years, but many seniors may feel at a loss when it comes to caring for grandchildren. Some may try to adapt to new traditions, but Community Magazine suggests that it may be a better idea to emulate the tried and true ways of grandmothers from older days.

Multiple grandchildren can present a difficult balancing act, but the news source recommends that grandmothers who feel overwhelmed should try to connect with each youngster on an individual level.

This could be through a shared hobby or just through experiences, like nature walks.

When grandchildren visit a home, be sure to set boundaries as well. Rules may differ between households and grandmothers shouldn't be hesitant to reinforce their own home's regulations.

Likewise, many seniors may want to share their wisdom with parents about raising children. However, this should be done in a delicate and non-critical way.

Many older adults who are living independently may also want to consider installing a personal emergency response system. This device can keep seniors safe by allowing them to send a medical alert to loved ones or physicians in case assistance is required.