A Positive Aging Video by Bay Alarm Medical

Gjenes Belamide

February 17, 2016


Join four seniors—Ed, Isobel, Alfred, and Roz–in this inspirational piece on positive aging as Bay Alarm Medical explores the amazing journeys, reflection, and life wisdom only seniors can offer.

“There are plenty of things to be anti about: anti-discrimination, anti-drugs, anti-oppression, anti-poverty and anti-sickness. Aging isn’t one of them. We need to become pro-aging and embrace the opportunities that aging provides.” – Jamie Lee Curtis

This video project aims to challenge the status quo on aging in a society obsessed with youth and show how growing older doesn’t mean you have to “grow old.” We also wanted to highlight the positive aspects of aging that are rarely heard about in the media, so we sat down with a group of seniors at the Pleasant Hill Senior Center (special thanks to Darlene Roth) to talk about what they’ve enjoyed most about their lives.

We also strongly believe our seniors are a relatively untapped treasure trove of knowledge when it comes to life lessons and wisdom, so we chatted about that, too. Specifically, we asked what advice they would’ve given their younger selves. We laughed, we cried, but most of all, we found their stories and lessons absolutely heartwarming and awe-inspiring. We hope you do, too!

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