For MA seniors, Yoga spells balance

Alan Wu

September 29, 2011

For MA seniors, Yoga spells balanceA number of older women in Danvers, Massachusetts, have discovered a new passion that not only helps them stay fit, but also allows them to develop balance – yoga. The practice of yoga is popular across many demographics, and seniors like Barbara Younger, 71, find that the benefits of yoga are countless, according to the Boston Globe.

“We’re working to be able to balance our bodies and to strengthen and be flexible,” Younger, who initially began yoga after a back injury and now runs her own class, told the news source. “We’re looking to help our bodies.”

Younger, whose name coincides with the feeling she likely associates with yoga, teaches at the Danvers Senior Center.

According to the American Senior Fitness Association, yoga can improve a number of health problems, including arthritis, high blood pressure, lower back pain, vision problems and sleep issues.

Seniors who are concerned about balance and the risk of falling may benefit from yoga, and there are other measures available to make sure they stay safe at home. For instance, installing a medical alert system in the home can ensure that medical personnel are only a call away at all times.

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