Fitness may help memory recall

Kevin Magna

May 27, 2011

Researchers recently found that one of the biggest problems for an aging mind is sorting through different memories, according to The New York Times. This can make it hard to recall different items and events, because one can't differentiate. Sometimes, new memories aren't even fully created to accommodate new events. 

Dr. Michael A. Yassa compares it to breakfast. People take breakfast every day, but it should be a distinct meal each time. Every morning shouldn't blur into the same thing.

"You need to be able to separate those memories and keep them apart," Yassa told the publication. "Otherwise they can override one another and confuse things."

So what does he recommend? Exercise. Staying active has been shown to better organize memory recall abilities in rodents and also improved their overall neuron count. Yassa suspects that the effects may be similar for humans.

Those who are having trouble with their memory may also find it more difficult to remember complicated instructions for medications. In this case, it may be wise to install medical alert system at home, because this device can be programmed as a medical alarm to notify patients when it's time to take a dose.