Festival held to fund Alzheimer’s center

Bryan Aldrige

October 7, 2010

The Gardena Senior Citizens Daycare, a city-run facility that provides activities and supervision for seniors with Alzheimer's when traditional caretakers are running errands or working, is getting ready to hold its first Food, Wine and Cigar Festival fundraiser to help raise funds to continue operations, according to The Daily Breeze.

Donations are more important than ever this year, because the facility requires $215,000 to operate each year and, due to declining city income and budget cuts, only $40,000 was allotted to the center this year.

Officials have been hard-pressed to maintain the building's services for years, but the economic downturn appears to have taken a large toll as well.

Kathy Walk, the city's senior citizens bureau manager, told the news provider that the facility also provided caregivers with a chance to focus on other aspects of their lives without having to put a parent in a nursing home, making it an affordable and effective alternative, and it also helps those with Alzheimer's be more physically and mentally active.

Those who are looking for a way to keep watch over a senior may also want to invest in a senior alert system. This device allows older adults to instantly contact caretakers in the case of an emergency.

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