Falls more likely with multiple prescription medications involved

Bryan Aldrige

January 17, 2012

Falls more likely with multiple prescription medications involvedFalling plagues the senior population, and those who take two or more daily prescription medications are twice as likely to suffer a tumble than those who take no medicine, studies have shown. New research published in the medical journal Injury Prevention, has also found that middle-aged people might also be susceptible to falling due to mixed medicine, but they still fall much less than elders, the Telegraph reports.

The study looked at 340 people aged 25 to 60 who were on multiple prescriptions and 350 people of similar ages who weren't on any medications. From the results, researchers found that those on multiple drugs were 2.5 times more likely to suffer a fall over those who didn't have prescriptions.

"The findings suggest that, as in the case of older people, younger working aged adults who use multiple prescription medications are at increased risk of falls, an aspect that should be considered in falls prevention programs," the author said in the study.

Falls can happen at any time and in some instances seniors are home alone when one occurs. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in 2008 more than 19,7000 seniors died from fall-related injuries. To prevent a loved one from becoming a statistic, provide them with the ability to call for help by installing a medical alert system in their homes. 

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