Falls may cause a decline in health for seniors

Kevin Magna

September 24, 2010

There is a high risk for injury when a senior falls in his or her home and this could be an event that actually triggers a long-term health decline, according to The Sun.

The news source claims that one-third of all falls occur in a residence, particularly when there is hazardous clutter on the floors, and even pets can present a danger for seniors.

Hip fractures are one of the most common causes of falls and these injuries can significantly reduce the quality of life for older adults and, in some cases, lead to dangerous conditions due to restricted mobility. Pneumonia, bladder infections and depression can all be results from a broken hip.

Dr James Larsen, a geriatric specialist, told the news provider that there are other factors that can make falls even more dangerous for seniors. One is osteoporosis, which can weaken bones so that they are more prone to break, and another is blood thinners, because these medications make it more likely for a senior to suffer from internal bleeding after a fall.

Larsen also said that there was no sure way to prevent falls. However, having a personal emergency response system installed in a home can provide seniors with a way to immediately contact a hospital in the case of a fall.