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Fall Risk Task Force works to decrease number of fall deaths among seniors

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Fall Risk Task Force works to decrease number of fall deaths among seniorsA recent study from the York County Coroners Office reports that the number of fatal fall injuries (mostly made up of seniors) has dropped by 30 percent, in comparison to the previous year, the York Daily Record reports.

According to coroner Barry Bloss, the elderly have a higher risk of falling due to their frailty and "tendency to shuffle."

In 2010, the number of senior deaths due to falls was at 75, but that number dropped to 52 in 2011. Bloss added that this number is the one that stands out to him the most, as the county started a Fall Risk Task Force a few years back and he feels this number proves it must be working.

"One reason why I think it's lower is we started the Fall Risk Task Force about three years ago to try to educate the elderly about the risks that are in our homes and places we go all the time," Bloss told the publication. "Is it starting to pay off? We'll know next year if the numbers are still down."

Preventing falls is crucial to helping seniors age gracefully. Those living at home alone may benefit from installing a senior alert system. This wearable device gives an elderly person the means to call for help in case of a fall or another problem.

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