Fall dangers more prevalent with ice and snow


December 30, 2011

Fall dangers more prevalent with ice and snowFor 83-year-old Barbara Green of Fords, New Jersey, the cold winter months now mean being extra careful, as she suffered numerous injuries after slipping on ice last year, My Central Jersey[1] reports.

“I was bringing in the trash can, the mountain of snow near my driveway had melted and turned to ice,” Green told the publication. “Before I even knew what happened, I was in great pain on the ground and unable to move my arm.”

Green added that since her husband’s death in 1995, she’s prided herself on being able to continue to live independently and remain active, so the fall was a major set back.

“The weather is not going to stop me from getting out of the house and doing the things I need to get done, I’ve always been on the go,” Green told the news outlet.

However, after the incident, Green was unable to maintain her normal lifestyle, and had to rely on the help of neighbors and relatives to get by. She had surgery following her injury to repair her fractured shoulder, then spent months at physical therapy to regain her way of life. She now urges other seniors to be cautious and always let someone know where they’re going to be.

Falls can happen at any time, and this can be especially dangerous for seniors living at home. Those who enjoy their independence may want to install a medical alert system in their homes. This way they can keep their freedom, with the added security of being able to call for help.

[1]Link is no longer active.

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