Experts embrace Tai Chi as way to prevent falls

Kevin Magna

February 21, 2011

Tai Chi, which is a Chinese exercise that focuses on slow and controlled movements, has lately been the focus of many healthcare professionals who say that it may be extremely beneficial in helping prevent falls in older adults, according to The New York Times.

While other balance training may be just as helpful, some studies have determined that Tai Chi in particular can strengthen the core muscles that increase stability.

Seniors who are looking to help ensure their safety while living independently may also want to invest in a personal emergency response system. This device can be used to send a medical alert to family or doctors if one needs immediate assistance.

Instructor Greg Fuller touched on the basics of Tai Chi. He specializes in teaching it to older adults. The average age in his class is 90.

"With beginners, we spend a lot of time working while seated, bringing attention to the proper alignment of the pelvis, chest and head,” he told the news provider. "[Afterward,] finding strength and balance while standing is much easier."

Experts recommend that managing medications and being confident in one's mobility are also keys to reducing fall risk.