Exercising can begin at any age


February 3, 2012

Exercise may improve seniors' memory skillsSeniors who want to remain independent and in their own homes as they age might need to take certain precautions in order to do so successfully. Exercising is one of these musts, as staying fit can help elders avoid serious falls that can strip them of their freedom.

According to the St. George Magazine, Allison Bradley and Locke Ettinger, two trainers at a local health and wellness facility are often met with reservations from senior clients who come in looking to get back in or stay in shape.

"They say 'I'm too old for this,'" Bradley told the news source. "They think they'll do more harm than good."

Ettinger added that many times it's hard to convince seniors that it's OK to take part in physical activity.  Some believe their bodies won't be able to handle the activity, especially if its been awhile since their last trip to the gym.

Although these worries come up, Ettinger finds that as soon as he asks elder clients about their goals  – many times it's remaining independent – they tend to perk up and get with the program. 

Aging in place has become a common desire for seniors, especially as more than 7,000 boomers turn 65 each day, AARP reports. Although most continue to live at home successfully, some might benefit from installing a senior alert system in their houses, just in case an emergency happens.