Exercise, medical alert can help prevent harm from falls


January 5, 2011

It's the New Year, which means many older adults may have made resolutions concerning their fitness. As one ages, it is especially important to keep active, so that muscles and bones stay in good health.

However, when it comes to exercising in the golden years, The Messenger Post recommends that the sessions be a little different. That's because many seniors may not be able to perform as many high-intensity activities, so they may instead opt for gentler routines that are just as effective.

Gym owner Jamie Gruttadauria told the news source that the elliptical machine may be perfect for silver-haired exercisers, because it has a very low impact but still delivers a strenuous and rewarding workout. These machines also allow for personal adjustment, so one can custom-tailor their fitness level.

Seniors should also be aware that there are more entertainment options in the gym than ever before, because many machines are in view of the television or have access to radios, so one can enjoy themselves during the routine.

Experts state that exercise can also help prevent falls because it can strengthen muscles and improve balance. However, it may be best to also install a medical alert system in a home, which enables users to send a medical alert if an incident occurs and they need immediate help.