Exercise can help maintain brain health

Alan Wu

September 15, 2010

While exercise has been proven to increase strength and flexibility at any age, The Vancouver Sun reports that a study has found that it may be as important to mental health in old age.

Neuroscientist Brian Christie, who led the study that claims that exercise spikes the growth of the brain cells, so even a 30-minute walk can have a significant impact on cognitive processes.

He also told the news source that physical activities can increase the blood flow, which can help channel nutrients to the brain while eliminating toxins and cell-destroying free radicals.

While eating fish and other foods with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and doing crosswords can also be good ways of keeping the mind sharp, the study suggests that exercise has much more of an effect than these other routines.

The news provider suggests that walking a dog can combine both mental, social and physical health benefits.

By increasing your strength and sense of balance, exercise can also reduce the risk for falls. However, seniors who are living alone may want to have a way to contact neighbors or physicians if an unexpected injury occurs. An elderly alert system can be an effective device for these emergencies.

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