Exercise can help fight diabetes by improving glucose control

Kevin Magna

May 9, 2011

A new study conducted at the Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre, Brazil, has found that a structured exercise regimen may be key to overcoming some of the more severe effects of diabetes by improving glucose control.

"Exercise is a cornerstone of diabetes management, along with dietary and pharmacological interventions. Current guidelines recommend that patients with type 2 diabetes should perform at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and should perform resistance exercise 3 times per week," the study authors write.

While fitness has been proven to be an important way to control diabetes, the researchers added that the effects of different exercises still need to be studied. They studied data from participants who did regular aerobic and resistance training, as well as those who did both.

Those who are worried about their health due to diabetes may also want to consider investing in a medical alert system, because this device can be used to immediately send a personal emergency response message to a call center.

Experts suggest that older adults who are just starting to hit the gym may want to start off slowly. Going for regular walks can help one build up to longer and more intense fitness routines. Yoga is a low-impact activity that is generally accessible to everyone.  

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