Exercise and vitamin D most useful for preventing falls

Jasmine Phu

January 3, 2011

With the CDC estimating that one in three seniors suffer from a fall each year, trying to be as safe as possible during the golden years is a priority for many seniors. A new study has shown that those who are looking to avoid these incidents should place a priority on exercise and vitamin D supplements, according to MedPageToday.com.

After 16 different exercise trials, researchers discovered that staying active or attending physical therapy sessions reduced the chance of falls in participants by 13 percent. The nine trials that reviewed the effectiveness of vitamin D supplements revealed that the nutrient may also have an effect, cutting the risk of an incident by 17 percent.

Other factors that were evaluated included vision correction, changes in medication, a rearrangement of obstacles and hazards in a home, as well as fall prevention education. These weren't found to have a significant impact on reducing falls.

Those who are looking to stay as safe as possible in their home may also want to invest in a senior alert system, which can be used to send a medical alert to neighbors or caregivers in the case of an emergency.