Elderly woman trapped in old septic system for hours

Lisa Wurth

December 6, 2011

A 68-year-old Adelanto, California, woman recently had the scare of a lifetime after she fell and was trapped in an old septic pit, LA Times reports.

Emma Orozco went outside on Tuesday like any other morning to water her garden when she was suddenly pulled into an old septic pit, where she remained until help arrived.

“She went out there to water her plants at about 8 this morning and when I was about to leave and wanted to say goodbye we couldn’t find her,” Hilaria Orozco, the woman’s sister told the publication. “I went outside with her husband and I could hear her calling out but it sounded so far away. Then I saw the hole and she was in there. She said to me ‘I’m sinking! I’m sinking!’ It was too much.”

According to the publication, the family members tried to pull her out, but after a few failed attempts, they called in emergency assistance. Firemen pulled her out and brought her to the hospital. She suffered a broken ankle from the incident.

Although this woman lived with family members who were able to assist her and get her to safety within two hours of getting stuck, some seniors live alone with little to no help. Because accidents can happen at any time, elderly people living alone may want to install senior alert systems to be able to call for help in an emergency.

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