Elderly Ohio resident saved by a stranger

Kevin Magna

February 6, 2012

 5 reasons your loved one may benefit from a medical alertA 70-year-old Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, woman recently made a call that saved her life – even though it was to a perfect stranger, The Associated Press reports.

Loretta Smith had been in her home alone when she felt the right side of her body go numb and then fell on the ground. Smith was able to grab her phone and tried to dial her son, however she accidentally pushed the wrong numbers and ended up calling a man living in Denver, Colorado.

Kenny Crater, had recently moved to Colorado from Ohio and had kept his same number, which was just a few off from Smith's son's number.

Crater told the publication that Smith had told him that she thought she was having a stroke. Even though he didn't know the woman, Crater took her information down and called 911 who then transferred his call to the Cuyahoga Falls police department.

Smith was taken to a nearby hospital where it was found she had had a mini-stroke, though she is expected to recover.

"I want this kid to be praised to high heaven," Smith told the publication on her gratitude for Crater's quick thinking.

Although this woman was able to call for help while suffering a stroke, many might not be so lucky. According to the American Stroke Association, 795,000 Americans suffer a stroke each year, which is an average of one stroke every 4 minutes. Those living alone might benefit from installing a senior alert system in their homes, as this wearable devices calls for help with just a push of a button. 

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