Elderly couple saved from fiery blaze thanks to good Samaritan


December 15, 2011

Elderly couple saved from fiery blaze thanks to good SamaritanAn elderly couple in Louisville, Kentucky, have neighbors to thank for saving their lives after a blaze broke out in their home, WDRB News reports.

According to the news outlet, the elderly couple's visiting relatives were staying on the second floor when the fire started. The blaze grew so fast that they were unable to get downstairs to help their parents, instead they escaped out of a second story window.

A neighbor heard the commotion and raced over with a garden hose to attempt to rescue the elderly couple. He was successful in keeping the flames down long enough to help them to safety before fire crews arrived on the scene.

"He did find the elderly couple on the first floor, milling around in the smoke, disoriented," Col. Carroll Haute with Louisville Fire and Rescue told the publication. "He helped them to the front door, made sure they got out."

A fire or another accident can occur at any time, leaving those involved in a state of panic. This threat can be even more frightening for seniors living alone. In some situations, they may be unable to call for help. Elderly people who live independently may want to install a senior alert system in their houses as a means to call for assistance with just a touch of a button.