Elderly alert system can help an only child


November 1, 2010

Many adult children have been taking care of older parents who may need day-to-day assistance with transportation or running errands, but some have been fortunate enough to split the responsibilities between siblings.

However, The New York Times recently reported on the story of Regina Milgram-Bossong, who has been aiding her parents with some tasks, but fears that her responsibilities may grow in the near future.

Her father, 84, is a diabetic, and has had a hip replacement, and her mother survived ovarian cancer and had heart valve surgery in 2009.

"There could be some agonizing times ahead, and I’m facing it alone," she told the news provider.

However, another common trend is for one sibling to shoulder all of the burden. Siblings can often argue about who should take care of parents and this can deal a crushing blow to the family.

Those who find themselves struggling to care for loved ones because siblings live too far away or they are an only child, may want to invest in an elderly alert system. This device can ensure that a senior has a way to immediately send a personal emergency response message to caretakers or doctors if they are in need of assistance.