Early onset Alzheimer’s patients may benefit from medical alert

Lisa Wurth

December 14, 2010

Alzheimer's disease doesn't happen overnight, but, for about 10 percent of those who suffer from it, the condition can affect one before they reach age 65, according to MetroWest Daily News.

Alan Romatowski knows this firsthand, as he was diagnosed with the disease when he was 56 and has had struggled with the progression of symptoms ever since. As a career pilot, he was forced to stop flying in 2007 and, this September, was recently told not to drive by doctors.

Instead of denying the impact of Alzheimer's on his life, Romatowski has chosen to become a spokesman for it, so that he can promote awareness of the illness. He can still hold conversations, despite the occasional stammer or forgotten word.

He is now on a council for the Alzheimer's Association and meets with the group four times a year. In his case, the disease is progressing slowly and he even told the news source that he's still close to 100 percent.

Those who are suffering from memory loss or early Alzheimer's may often have difficulty remembering to take medications during the day and should consider installing a medical alert system. This device can be programmed to dispense pills and send medical alerts at certain times of day.

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