Don’t get stretched thin as a caregiver


May 24, 2011

A new study released by the University of British Columbia, Concordia University and AMI-Quebec recently displayed the dangers of getting spread too thin if caregivers attempt to pursue too many goals while being responsible for the care of a loved one.

“Pursuing new goals is a double-edged sword,” co-author of the study Ella Amir said. “It provides purpose, but also increases caregiving burden, since there are times when a family member’s illness suddenly takes a turn for the worse. And stressors can crop up unexpectedly in other close relationships or in the workplace.”

To better juggle one’s obligations toward an elderly adult, it may be wise to consider installing devices such as a senior alert system. These medical alert systems can easily be installed at home and used by older adults if they need to get in touch with an emergency call center due to an unexpected injury.

Amir warns that caregivers shouldn’t become stretched too thin. Being able to adjust goals according to one’s duty toward a loved one is a much better course than trying to do it all. This can lead to physical and emotional problems that leave caregivers stressed out and over-burdened.

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