Don’t Forget Your Grandparents During Christmas!

Jasmine Phu

December 13, 2012

Do we value our grandparents less than other family members? Maybe. At least, that’s what the results of a recent British survey suggest.

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The survey asked Britons how much they spend on Christmas gifts for different family members, including their children, their siblings, their parents and grandparents.

Not surprisingly, people spend the most on their children, with the typical Brit spending £104.40 on presents for each of their children.

But grandparents came in last.  In fact, Britons spent about half the amount on their grandparent’s Christmas present as they do on their mother’s gift.

They spent just £16.67 on a Christmas present for a grandparent compared to £32.65 on their mother.

Business Insider has a nice summary of the study. Read it here.

Okay, this was a survey of British families. Does it apply here in the U.S. too?  How much are you spending on your grandparents this Christmas? Tell us on Facebook!