Domestic healthcare solutions on the rise


July 29, 2010

The Redwood Times reports that three Californian women have come together to start what they hope will be the beginnings of a much larger project – the Arcata Elder Village. This non-profit nursing venture is meant to offset the dramatically increasing healthcare expenses found in nursing facilities and hospitals across the country.

One of the founders, JoAnn Schuch, has vivid memories of her own experience with institutional healthcare. She spent a decade as the caregiver for her aunt, mother and father and, as her father was taken into a local aging facility, Schuch realized that there just weren’t enough caretakers to ensure the health of every patient.

The cost of these institutions is also preventing seniors from having prolonged stays there – a study by the SCAN foundation found that 57 percent of people can’t afford even three months at a nursing facility, nor can they afford the $1,750 a month for home services.

Experts claim that there is now a trend toward home-based care, which often involves family members or other unofficial caretakers. With more and more people seeking to age at home, it’s vital that they are protected by a personal emergency response system that can notify officials and family members in case of an emergency.