Does golf do a body good?

Lisa Wurth

October 14, 2011

 Does golf do a body good?According to former president Bill Clinton, golfing may be a way to help keep seniors active and healthy as they age, The New York Times reports.

During a recent event for his Eponymous Foundation, Clinton spoke out about his times as a caddy at the Arlington Hotel Open, during his teenage years in the late 50s and early 60s. At this time, he reports golfers weren't much to look at. Many were chain smokers who avoided exercise at all costs.

However, golfers of this era are much more fit and take pride in their physique and as golfing has long been known as a retirement sport, Clinton thinks seniors need to step up their exercising to live healthier.

"A lot of golf’s biggest fans are older people, and they may need this as much as anybody," Clinton told the publication. "And as the baby boomers retire, if we’re going to avoid basically bankrupting the country, people 65 and over are going to have to stay healthier."

Seniors who work on their swing in their backyards may want to install a senior alert system that they can wear around their neck, should they fall mid-swing.