How To Complete DocuSign


November 5, 2015

If you’re reading this, chances are you just signed up for Bay Alarm Medical (Thanks!) After you’ve completed the ordering process on our website, you’ll receive an email from ‘BAM Customer Service’. The subject line will read ‘Document for eSignature’.

Check out our video on how to complete the DocuSign email form:

This service agreement ensures that in the event of an emergency, we have the authority to contact loved ones, neighbors and if necessary paramedics, firefighters and local police.

Customers must complete the DocuSign before we can ship the system. If a customer doesn’t sign within 14 days, the order will be cancelled and the account will be refunded.

Along with the video, we’ve also provided step by step images below:


1. DocuSign email from Customer Service. Subject line will say ‘DocuSign for eSignature’. Once you open the email, click ‘REVIEW DOCUMENT’ to continue.


2. Review the service agreement. When you are ready to sign, click ‘START’


3. Click the yellow sign box.


4. DocuSign will automatically generate a signature for you. Click ‘ADOPT & SIGN’ to move on.


5. Once you have signed the service agreement, click ‘FINISH’.


6. You are all done! We have received your DocuSign confirmation & your package will be prepared to ship. Note: You may be prompted to create an account, but you DO NOT have to do this.


If you are having trouble or have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-522-9633. Thank you!


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