Doctor recommends regular check-ups to avoid falls

Kevin Magna

April 14, 2011

Falls can be a major problem for millions of seniors across the country. An accidental slip can sometimes cause a broken hip that can lead to reduced mobility, which in turn makes it harder for older adults to live independently at home. 

To help prevent these incidents, Dr. Pamela Tronetti recently wrote in Florida Today that seniors should be sure that they regularly visit healthcare professionals to make sure that all of their senses are still sharp.

Poor eyesight can contribute to falls, as any problem with the inner ear, because the latter is crucial to balance. Tronetti suggests that those who are having issues with their inner ear may experience vertigo.

If patients experience this symptom and want to make sure that they are safe, it may be wise to invest in a medical alert system. This device can be used to instantly send a personal emergency response message if one requires assistance.

Tronetti also recommends that seniors be careful of neuropathy symptoms, which is the loss of feeling in the feet from nerve damage. Any burning or tingling sensation in the feet should prompt an immediate visit to the doctor.