Depression, strokes may be linked

Alan Wu

September 22, 2011

Here are five ways to set up your home for an Alzheimer's patient.A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found a link between depression and ischemic strokes, according to The State Column.

Researchers looked at 318,000 cases from 28 individual studies, some dating back to the mid-1990s. From the studies, they found that 2.7 percent of subjects had strokes during their program. When researchers looked closer, they found that people who had been diagnosed with depression, or who complained of depression symptoms during their studies, were 45 percent more likely to have a stroke, and had a 55 percent higher chance of dying from it.

Even more specific, those with depression only had an increased risk of having a ischemic stroke, a stroke in which a blood vessel is blocked and can't deliver blood to the brain.

The news source reports that depression has also been linked to an increased risk for diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Caregivers concerned that their parents aging at home are depressed or are weakened by other medical conditions may want to install a medical alert system. Seniors can wear the device around their neck and can call for help immediately should they fall.