Demand for professional caregivers growing


August 17, 2010

When Emma Dickison was taking care of her grandmother and both of her parents in the 1980’s, there was no one to help her with the responsibilities. Now, she is the president of Home Helpers, which is one of the country’s largest in-home caregivers who do non-medical duties, according to

There are around more than 650 Home Helpers franchises across the United States and Canada. For the cost of around $20 an hour, the employees of these businesses will help seniors with everyday tasks, such as running errands, preparing meals and other personal duties.

This is a particularly alluring service since many baby boomers are growing older. The news provider claims that around 12,000 members of that generation turn age 65 every day,addcomma and the number of seniors is projected to grow to 70 million by 2030.

Molly Prues, of Anderson Township, Ohio, told the news provider that knowing someone was with her mother gave her a “peace of mind” to tend to her own responsibilities.

Adult children and caregivers who may be away from a senior for hours at a time and are worried about medical issues that could arise while they are absent may want to consider investing in an elderly alert system. This device will allow the senior to contact a hospital at any time.