Delay Alzheimer’s disease up to 10 years


August 22, 2011

Alzheimer's disease affects more than 5 million Americans across the country, according to The Alzheimer's Association. Nearly 15 million unpaid caregivers are tending to the needs of these patients. 

While researchers have been hard at work trying to find a way to treat this condition, some findings have hinted at ways to delay the onset of the condition. That was the case of one study based in Berlin.

Wolf D. Oswald, who has been involved in work on independent living among the elderly for more than two decades, recently explained that regularly exercising – both mentally and physically – could waylay the development of Alzheimer's by one to five years, according to Deutsche Press-Agentur.

"This includes going back to doing mental arithmetic, memorizing things, trying out new activities and doing volunteer work," he said.

Healthcare professional Markus Prieter remarked that staying social was another way to remain mentally stimulated, the news source reports.

Seniors who are looking to remain safe and independent throughout the golden years may also benefit from a personal emergency response system, because this device enables users to immediately contact medical services if they require assistance.