Dancing can reduce risk of falling


November 24, 2010

There may be some good news for those who love to move along to their favorite record – a study has found that dancing along to music may help prevent falls in seniors, according to SeniorJournal.com.

Researchers studied 134 adults older than 65 who were at a risk of falling. The average age was 75.5 years and 96 percent of participants were women.

The seniors were divided into two groups, one of which participated in a weekly session of dancing to piano music and other balance exercises. After six months, the second group began the same regimen and the first group resumed normal activities.

Overall, there were 24 falls in the group that started the program earlier and 54 among those who began it later.

The study authors concluded that, "participation in music-based multitask exercise classes once a week over a 6-month period can improve gait performance under single and cognitive-motor, dual-task conditions, as well as improve balance, and reduce both the rate of falls and the risk of falling," the news source reports.

Taking preventative measures against falls is a smart precaution for any seniors looking to age independently. Many may also want to invest in a medical alert system, which allows users to send a medical alert to caregivers or doctors in the case of an emergency.