Create an age-friendly home


October 5, 2010

AARP research has shown that 89 percent of seniors want to age in their own homes, but it can be dangerous for older adults to stay independent without taking the proper precautions in their home.

USA Today suggests some basic ways that homeowners can modify their residence so that it is a safe place to age.

First, it is important to remove potential obstacles in a home. The news source states that raised entrances to rooms should be removed and furniture should also be rearranged so that there is a clear path throughout the residence.

Lights should also be easily accessible so that seniors who are climbing stairs or going to the bathroom at night can see. Grab bars can help in bathrooms, on staircases and hallways, and removing rugs may also be beneficial.

The number one risk to seniors is to fall at home and have no way of asking for help. One way to live independently and safely is to install a medical alert system in a home. This device allows older adults to instantly contact neighbors or doctors in the case of an unexpected injury.

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