Couple struggles with burden of early Alzheimer’s

Lisa Wurth

November 22, 2010

Rick Phelps, 57, noticed that he seemed to have more difficulty remembering names or the location of his keys more than others, according to The Coshocton Tribune.

"I was forgetting things. Not all the time and not all day long, but it would come and go," he told the news provider. "I wouldn't remember addresses or people's names I worked with."

Phelps was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's and now his wife and he have been taking steps to prepare for the condition. It is almost impossible for him to learn new skills and old ones have become more difficult to recall.

He had to turn his Blackberry in for a simpler cellphone with fewer functions and buttons. He had to retire from his position at the local EMS. His wife still works for the group and, one night, while Phelps was preparing her uniform, he completely forgot how to clean it.

Those who are struggling with the burden of Alzheimer's care may want to invest in a medical alert system. This device can help remind patients when to take different medications and, if pills aren't taken on time, it can send a medical alert to family members or caregivers.