Cost of hospital visits expected to rise


July 28, 2010

Fran Bogom, an 86-year-old Buffalo native, was watching television while sitting in bed while drifting off to sleep. She eventually fell from the bed and broke her arm. Bogan, who lived by herself in an assisted living apartment, was rushed to a hospital.

However, the news source reports that Bogom was on Medicare, which meant that a one or two-day stay at a hospital could amount to $10,000, while three days or more would mean that it was compensated.

This rule is an attempt to curb skyrocketing Medicare costs, which reached $509 billion in 2009. To stay for three days, patients must qualify as needing the care or the system will refuse to pay the hospital for the bill and sometimes even issue a fine.

Bogom’s stay at the hospital lasted for two days and consisted of an array of medical tests to determine whether any other factors induced her fall. The news provider claims she now has to pay more than $10,000 out-of-pocket.

It is crucial to cut healthcare costs whenever possible and senior alert systems are instrumental in ensuring the safety of elderly persons living alone. By having the opportunity to contact caretakers whenever necessary, seniors can notify the proper people in an emergency and may have their situation evaluated without expensive hospital bills.

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