Computer games may reduce stress levels of care providers

Bryan Aldrige

October 6, 2011

 Computer games may reduce stress levels of care providersSocial worker Sharon Brothers has seen her fair share of what caregiving can do to a person. After 12 years of working with families who are aiding a parent, or senior loved one, she knows that the added stress can really start to affect those in charge, reports.

Now, with nearly 65 million Americans providing care to older adults, the need to help reduce their stress levels is crucial to keeping both them and their senior loved ones in check.

"Most caregivers are adding this role on top of their work, their children, marriage and other commitments," Brothers told the publication. "Just finding time for a break can seem impossible, given the increased demands on an already busy life."

To address this, Brothers started to develop computer games that both educate caregivers and give them the chance to take their minds off of their responsibilities.

"We’ve divided the game into episodes that can be played in a short amount of time and we’ve embedded information that can help caregivers in their mission," Brothers told the news outlet. "That way, they don’t have to feel guilty about playing it – they’re actually learning from it."

Caregivers who start to feel overwhelmed when they can't be at their parents house constantly may want to install a medical alert system that allows a senior to call for help should they have an emergency.

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