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Companies start initiatives to help caregiver children

Topic(s) : Elderly Caregiving Support reports that a growing concern in the business world involves baby boomer employees’ home responsibilities towards older parents and the difficult, emotional decisions and situations that may arise due to them.

“At times where their concentration may be impaired, they may be distracted with all of these issues they’re dealing with,” David Ballard, the head of the American Psychological Association’s Health Workplace Program, told the news source. He said that adult children who are caring for an aging parent at home may not be working to their full potential.

One company, Pitney Bows, has recently launched a pilot program in an attempt to help workers who may be experiencing these difficulties. Much of the initiative lies in a more understanding and flexible schedule, but there have also been caregiver support groups and online tutorials.

A report conducted by the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP has recently found that one in five caregivers had to take a leave of absence from work due to home responsibilities.

If you are under stress because of worries for a loved one who is living alone, you may want to consider installing a medical alert system, which will allow an older adult to immediately contact caregivers or doctors in case of an emergency.

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