Community in Illinois works to prevent falls

Alan Wu

December 9, 2010

Arlington Heights in Illinois has been officially recognized as an International Safe Community by The National Safety Council. While residents are pleased with the designation, they also realize that there is much more to do to enhance overall health issues, according to

There are only 225 towns around the world that are awarded the title, with only 14 being named in the United States.

The Arlington Heights Safe Communities America coalition has worked to make sure that many safety efforts are coordinated throughout the town, but admits that falls among senior citizens are some of the trickiest hazards to remedy.

“It’s a very complex problem and a particularly prevalent problem in Arlington Heights,” Victor Tamosaitis, chair of the organization, told the news provider.

He added that the senior centers offer some programs, but the community needs to become more coordinated when implementing safety measures.

The CDC estimates that one in three seniors fall each year. One way to guarantee that older adults can age safely at home is to install a personal emergency response system in a residence. This device can be used to instantly send a medical alert to family or doctors if a fall occurs.

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