Communities offer tips to seniors during fall prevention week


September 22, 2011

Communities offer tips to seniors during fall prevention weekAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, elders have a one in three chance of experiencing a fall annually. To combat this problem, communities across the nation are offering seniors tips and advice for staying up during Fall Prevention Week, the Poughkeepsie Journal reports.

The news outlet reports that many falls happen to seniors when they're walking up or down the stairs or when they're in the bathroom.

To reduce such scenarios from happening, family caregivers can install sturdy railings to stairs and can even add lighting to help seniors keep their balance as they go from floor to floor. Installing a hand rail in their bathroom or putting a chair in their shower can give them something to hold on to or to sit down on, should they begin to feel faint. Installing a medical alert system is another way to give seniors more confidence while aging in place.

Aside from making improvements to a loved one's home, caregivers should also talk to their parents' doctor to find out what types of exercises seniors should be doing to improve overall strength.

Studies show that participating in physical activities like joining a walking group or using weights to improve leg muscles can reduce the risk of falling, according to the news outlet.